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Touring Our Cities

Lusaka may be your Next tour Destination


  • Chingola
  • Lusaka
  • Kitwe
  • Ndola
  • Livingstone
  • Siavonga
  • Chipata
  • Mbala

Hotel and Airport Transfers

We are a “one stop” operation providing transport and just about every single activity there is to do. Making it easy for you to relax and enjoy. We do airport and hotel shuttle transfers within Lusaka at affordable prices. All you need is to choose a pick up point and a drop off point, the lest will be taken care of by our tour guides.

About Cities

Welcome to Zambia

view of Lusaka from Cairo Read


Zambia is one of Africa’s most urbanised countries, with over 50% of the population living in its towns and cities. And as Zambia’s economy continues to grow (at one of the fastest rates in the developing world), it seems this trend will increase in years to come, with more and more poor rural dwellers moving to urban areas, many of which have already seen substantial development since the 1990s.

The capital Lusaka is at the core of this movement and has become one of Africa’s fastest growing cities. The steady increase of tourism throughout the country as a whole has brought further development and better tourist infrastructure to once small provincial towns like Livingstone and Chingola, as well as to commercial and industrial centres like Ndola and Kitwe.

With all this in mind, in many of Zambia’s towns and cities there is a sense of restlessness and perpetual motion, complimented by an increasingly cosmopolitan mix of people, cultures and commodities from all over the country and far beyond its borders too. To overlook Zambia’s urban centres is to overlook the people of Zambia.

East park mall

Areas wealthy visiting within Lusaka

  1. Eastpark Mall.
  2. Arcades shopping mall.
  3. Zambia national museum.
  4. Lower Zambezi National Park.
  5. LusakaNational Park.
  6. Kalimba Reptile Park.
  7. Sunday Craft Market.
  8. 37D Gallery.
  9. Pakati Sunday Market.
  10. PaZuri Places
  11. COMESA market.
  12. City Market and any of your choice.

Lusaka City Tours

Day Time Trip

On a half day city tour, you will be taken to places within Lusaka of your choice.


our itinerary is flexible, you can create it the way you want it to be or we create it for you, and prices will be made available based on the itinerary made. Time is also flexible for all the activities that made and agreed upon.

Book Your Lusaka City Tour with us, we have the logistics in place for to and from.

To book, use the contact section or use the form below.

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